Company was founded in 2013 with aim to offer great services in the field of lighting technologies. We specialise on projects of illumination, sales and distribution indoor and outdoor lighting from renown manufacturers. We attend professional seminars, international fairs and conferencies for purpose of educate ourself constantly. We continually develop our website for easy access to informations of various lightings. In case that you can't find any informations, don’t hesitate and contact us by email, phone or personally. 



                        " Every day will be better with the quality light."





Lighting calculations, lighting simulations and ligting scenes creations in program DIALUX.

- Illuminance (lx) (lx)
- Luminous intensity (cd)
- Uniform illumination
- Determine the type and location of lighting
- Maintenance Factor
- Luminaire Maintenance Factor
- Unified Glare Rating (UGR)
- Simulation and image processing 
- Quantitative and qualitative simulation
- Lighting outputs result in pdf, dwg etc.

Selection and suggestion of illumination for various kind of projects. 

Consultation about right choice of lights and illumination.

Light type identification, name and manufacturer of light.

Mounting instructions, certificates, technical details, photometric info, 2D/3D drawings.

Cooperation with architects, designers, project engineers etc. to achieve best possible result with selection of lighting.

Skilled installation of lights, eventually personal assistance with installation of lights and control of technical principles during installation.

Price estimation.

Selling indoor and outdoor lights, lighting sources, accessories for lighting technology from various renowned manufactures.